Shots from Redcliff camping trip last weekend...Love him. Finding emus.Chillin.Kitsch.I have so much stuff I'm supposed to be doing/said I would do at the moment... I suck. I'm going to busy for the next few weeks...


Packing to go camping... these are my favourite three-dolla-holla shoes from the op-shop under my work. Love them.
DFW and last week's op-shop gold 100 per cent silk English rose print shirt.
Conchos! Well, there are puppies where I'm going, so I'd better get there.


That robe cost me $10 and its probably the best thing I own.

The boots cost considerably more and they might be the second best thing.

vanishing point

Miss you former self. You never could dress yourself appropriately, and I liked that about you because you were too interested in whiskey to care.
I also miss the people who were there, and am psyched on the ones who contacted me today.


I found urchins. They were already dead, so I kept them.
This is exactly what it looks like, which is some emus being chased in a canefield.

Raw Utungun-safari encounters.


This is Goomblar Wylo and Uncle Martin.
Martin is, I think unintentionally but I'm not sure, the funniest guy I've ever met. He also has the most banging style in terms of colour schemes.

Part of my job is to take photos, something I'm definitely not qualified to do.
These are some of my favourite shots I've taken so far... None were used for publication.