King Crimson, again.

So I had this big sketchbook plan about how the parrot was going to be an exotic type -- not the King and Crimson parrots and rosellas I grew up with -- and it just ended up looking exactly like a King Parrot with a Crimson Rosella's colouring. Anyway. This is an Instagram/sketchbook peek, hopefully I can pin down a second to scan/fix up/maybe even reproduce in larger format.
More fun later.
And there's always fun happening here: Instagram: @raychponygold, Tumblr

New for 2012

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First sketch of 2012... seems like a good omen to me. Woke up, crawled out of our tent at Creekside and sat on a stump and started scribbling.
The year 2012 should be a big one, with only two more weeks left at my current job before Bay and I pack up and head to Melbourne. Also, I have to find a new car to pack the stuff into before we can go. 
For almost the past five years I've lived in familiar surroundings, first in Brisbane and then back here on the farm, and so its exciting to be heading out into the big weird unknown world again... staking out new favourite cafes, restaurants and shops, new routes to run on in the morning and even different ways to drive to avoid turning across multiple lanes of traffic. 
Shit man, its all going to be happening very soon. 
I'll try and draw some in between.
And I've been taking lots of farming photos, mostly of dogs that seem to be appearing everywhere, so be prepared for the Christmas-NYE retrospective, coming soon.


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Just trying to unwind my brain... something mid-week. Because I'm lazy and busy and I swear I'm getting to work on the weekend.
Life is good, apart from Baby in the states. The puppies have come to live with me and the op-shops have been so very kind. Now to perfect an exit strategy and move to the city.

Voodoo chile

I'm happy with how this turned out, eerie as it is.
I'm super excited at the moment for my Melbourne trip in one-and-a-half weeks. It's going to be cold and awesome and baby and my sister and some puppies are there. We will be celebrating two birthdays and an engagement. Can't wait.

Lady stardust

New work and some details... from the 'rough draft' drawing. I really dig this one, and hope you do too... Weather is perfect just now, got some adventures with baby planned for the weekend... xo