King Crimson, again.

So I had this big sketchbook plan about how the parrot was going to be an exotic type -- not the King and Crimson parrots and rosellas I grew up with -- and it just ended up looking exactly like a King Parrot with a Crimson Rosella's colouring. Anyway. This is an Instagram/sketchbook peek, hopefully I can pin down a second to scan/fix up/maybe even reproduce in larger format.
More fun later.
And there's always fun happening here: Instagram: @raychponygold, Tumblr

Voodoo chile

I'm happy with how this turned out, eerie as it is.
I'm super excited at the moment for my Melbourne trip in one-and-a-half weeks. It's going to be cold and awesome and baby and my sister and some puppies are there. We will be celebrating two birthdays and an engagement. Can't wait.

Blind Alley Cat

Model: Milicia @ EMG
Photography and Art Direction: Kaycie Smith
Styling: Annabel Wendt
Hair and Make-up: Desiree Wise @ Network Agency

Really digging MHQ's winter campaign shoot 'Blind Alley Cat'... loving all things rich velvet and deep maroon, and I'd probably take the cute patterned cardigan and cross shirt too.

Yep, this winter is going to be a questionable time for my credit card.

Live free or die

Every now and then I would pass a car with New Hampshire plates and the motto 'Live Free or Die' inscribed above the numbers. The highways are full of good mottos. But TS Eliot put them all in a sack when he coughed up that line about... what was it? Have these Dangerous Drugs fucked my memory? Maybe so. But I think it went something like this: "Between the Idea and the Reality... Falls the Shadow."

-- Hunter S Thompson, from Fear and Loathing: on the campaign trail '72.

Details. I'm still working out what the hell is going on in photoshop/backgrounds. But I really liked this drawing, which I think was a direct result of it being started on a scrappy bit of paper with spray paint smudged on it... I always end up liking the stuff that doesn't start out serious.

Process: sort of

I don't even know if it's finished, but I've had enough.

Sometimes you've got to kill four or five
thousand men before you somehow
get to believe that the sparrow
is immortal, money is piss and
that you have been wasting
your time.

Ain't it fun

My momma, bless her heart, instructed me, 'Don't make personal remarks, never tell a hostess you enjoyed yourself, don't force anything mechanical, never kick anything inanimate and don't fuck around with the inevitable'. Now, Gold, it appeared to me that in disputing with me you were drawing very close to fucking around with the inevitable. I hope I am mistaken.