Packing to go camping... these are my favourite three-dolla-holla shoes from the op-shop under my work. Love them.
DFW and last week's op-shop gold 100 per cent silk English rose print shirt.
Conchos! Well, there are puppies where I'm going, so I'd better get there.

Yes, it is.

You know what that is? That's a size-22 denim vest that someone has lovingly appliqued cow skull motifs on. It needs a bit of work--like I either start hitting the KFC frequently, or I get acquainted with a sewing machine--but I couldn't say no.

The op-shops were bangin' this afternoon--like slouchy leather boots and a patchwork suede bowling bag.

Yep, it's the Valley's redeeming factor.


Literal op-shop gold.
This is probably the best piece of furniture I've independently procured.
Beats the hell out of ikea.


One good thing about living in the valley is the op-shops. I don't know what purpose this large, ceramic shell is going to serve, but when I figure it out it's going to look bitchin' while serving said purpose.