Hat from Camberwell markets; Lenni Noise tank; Dr Denim Arlene jeans; vintage velvet burn-out shirt; boots and concho belt via eBay; markets/vintage rings. 

My editor at work always says this thing to me about chasing rabbits: that if you chase a whole bunch of different ones at the same time, they’re all going to get away. I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying before. But notwithstanding the fact that I kind-of dislike rabbits – or, I’ll admit it, am a bit frightened/grossed out by them – it’s a totally true analogy for me at the moment.
Lately it feels like I’ve been chasing a whole bunch of rabbits and catching none. I’ve been furiously hopping from one half-finished project to one new-formed idea to one vaguely-glimpsed vision and back again – a process which leaves a trail of incomplete things everywhere.   
And on top of all this proverbial rabbit-chasing, I’m finding it almost impossible to keep pace with the bare-minimum requirements of day-to-day life, like staying on good terms with the real estate and making it to work on time, and remembering to feed the dog and not getting fined for minor traffic infringements.
I’m not sure why life’s being difficult in that way, but I’m putting it down to the rabbits. So I’m going to chose one, maybe two, and work on catching them.  
Then I’ll come back for the others.