It’s the last month of winter in one of the southern states in the southern hemisphere. Longer days mean walks in the park with the almost-grown dog Δ creating succulent patchworks in the back yard Δ stringing up fairy lights and hanging tea candles Δ screen printing new flags to fly – indoors and out Δ running a little further every day Δ berries dipped in rich yoghurt with a lover Δ photographing the dying light Δ cold nights in warm beds Δ letting the wild spring weather get in your blood Δ planning camping trips Δ staring at the sea Δ cranking Neil Young in the kitchen, singing along and roasting vegetables Δ sitting around a fire talking about important things like aliens and politics and philosophy and music and war Δ more pastel sunrises with magnolia blooms and bird songs Δ reading Faulkner, Steinbeck, Hemingway and McCarthy Δ gathering energy for the final sprint of the year Δ clearing your mind Δ carving out solace Δ