Those of you who tune into this journal regularly will recognize that lately I’ve been on a bit of a trip about self-evaluation and self-evolution in the creative practice, about development and exploration. About checking out what you’re trying to say, and thinking about whether it really is resonating in the way you’d like. Anyway, like Bowie said: changes.

Inking drawings with a fineliner is the kind of precise process that sings sweetly to the more neurotic and controlling side of my personality. Especially if there are several pencil draft lines underneath to shore up the intention. But the whole precision thing also restricts, and creates a very literal output.  

So I’ve stepped into messing around with brushes and ink and organic wild unpredictable bleeding colours… A welcome change into the uncomfortable. However, I’m still taking it in increments; there’s a lot of mapping and composition, and some of my ‘normal’ drawing practice in there for balance and comfort.

I’m also curious, what do you guys do to break out of routine or habit or comfort zones? Let me know your good avenues for challenging and exposing the creative process...