There's new little iron-on patches in the shop!

While designing these, I thought about all the old patches sewn onto beat leather, shredded denim or sharp military jackets over the years; to confer achievement or rank or aspiration or allegiance.

Patches have always symbolised belonging, from those deeply entrenched in serving society, to those who elect to live outside of it in whatever kind of outlaw-band incarnation that might be, from punks to biker gangs. It's all recognition and alignment, from the love of sounds and scenes that patched jackets through the 70s and 80s, to the simple achievement of a girl scout or pony club grade, all the way through to ascending rank in the military, or serving in a Soviet space program, or the outsider allegiance of a motorcycle club.

So I wanted each of my new patches to recognise something we all share: bravery, love, and luck. Whether you're congratulating yourself on possessing or achieving it, or simply aspiring to it and welcoming it into your world, they're three little elements we could all always use a little more of.

Or hey, maybe you just want to have a jacket that's starting to look a bit like a torn sketchbook page, like mine...  Either way, they're available here.