One of my friends recently pointed out that I very rarely share the work I do for a living; instead, I only share the personal projects and sketchbook pages that I occasionally work on. When my blog and social media go quiet, you can be sure I'm flat out working on commercial jobs. And I do often forget to share the work when it's finally released, because production averages about a year... by which time I'm on to some new shiny idea and the old one seems very far away and long ago. 

So, I'm going to make a more concerted effort to share a bit of what I do for work -- because I'm truly proud of and excited about the work I create for clients. 

These tees are available through Auguste, which is one of my favourite Australian brands. My nieces have the Butterfly Girl and Unicorn tees, and they look so adorable in the 70s ringer style!

Shop all Little Auguste tees here.