OK, so I have some residual out-of-control-hurtling-through-space feelings that I think come from travelling and then trying to readjust to normal life, and then parting lots and then getting sick, and then being told we have to move house and contemplating moving back to the coast and then deciding to stay in the city. 

I am tired and I feel weird. 

But in among all this life-chaos was a really fun couple of days spent with the other Volcom Ambassadors in Melbourne -- we hung out, had a product night featuring a typography workshop with the super talented and equally ridiculous Gemma O'Brien (@mrseaves101), and put on an all-girls art show.

The pictures above are from the 'Girls, Girls, Girls' show at Juddy Roller gallery, and of my work that was in that show ... What an epic end to that particular stint of out-of-control creativity, connection and laughter. 

Also, thanks Life Without Andy for the cute pictures.