1. Balancing Weenie // Trust the path unseen print and Gypsy Warrior jewels.
2. Blue gel ink madness, collections, proteas.
3. I went home to the farm and held some baby goats // Autumnal optimism.
4. Ceremony print // Sketchbook musings.
5. Northern prep // Flash sheets.
6. More Northern…
7. Wayward one, available here … but I’ve taken quite a shine to it and might take it down and just keep it for myself // She’s Friday evenings, loud Ted Nugent and straight, warm whiskey – Nugent print available here.
8. Waratah rising // Flynn Skye dress-ups in the cactus garden.
9. Fisherking // Vibrant vibes.
10. Gum blossoms // Hydrangeas.
11. VB flower arrangements // Volcom love and proteas.
12. Rogues volts of euphoria (reading Tom Wolfe forever) // Overjoyed with commonplace beauty.

13. Weenie dawg // ELO.