Bona Drag is my favourite online boutique to browse through, and make mental lists of all the things I'm going to buy when a sudden magical windfall comes my way. I feel like I might shop there exclusively when I'm a successful thirty-something. For now, I'm a barely-surviving twenty-something, so I just look, most of the time.
But what I do get really, really excited about is Bona Drag's lookbooks, especially their ceremonial collections. Last time Bona Drag released a ceremonial collection, I posted about it here. My sentiments remain exactly the same -- this, to me, is how wedding attire should look.
Also, the campaign was shot by Alexandra Valenti who, in my mind and eyes, can do no wrong with an image. And finally, that Pamela rose gold Serpentine necklace... I'm already cataloguing all the drawings and sketchbooks and vintage pieces I can sell off to make payment on that baby.