Harley Davidson boots (eBay); Dr Denim jeans; Three Arrows Leather bag; vintage Harley Davidson shirt; Cormac McCarthy – All the pretty horses; Cotton on bra; Howlin’ Wolf necklace; Sportgirl sunglasses; Spell necklace and ring; Rejoice the hands ring; Buffalo Girl leather ring; Tree of life eagle earrings; Posca and Unipin pens; Vintage Zeiss Ikon camera; Pony Gold Wildness art print; All others are vintage/market finds/gifts.

Sometimes it’s a hangover, or a lack of sleep, or I’m just plain discouraged about facing the day, but there are definitely times when I have to hit autopilot in the mornings and gravitate toward my favourite go-to things – boots, jeans, shirt, jewellery – to get me through. 
The comfort of slipping into well-worn boots and jeans is not to be underestimated – especially when you can be sure that said boots are not going to betray you with blisters halfway through a trek across the city. And as for go-to jewellery, I think the secret is buying well-made pieces with quality metals and stones. They’re maybe a little more expensive, but I’ve been carting some parts of my jewellery box around for more than 10 years – so it pays for itself, I like to think.    
So these are the things I have on high-rotation; things that I’m going to wear to death and then despair about replacing for a few months … Also, there's a few favourite books and artworks and plants for good measure. What I didn't realise, though, was that so much of it is black.

But… res ipsa loquitur, I guess.