One-off handpainted denim jacket available here. 
Vintage turquoise necklace, tassel necklaces from Ishka, vintage glasses, shirt and hat, earrings from Tree of Life, rings: vintage, Southset, Rejoice the Hands and Lakota Jewellery.

Macrame knotting. Banjo playing. Reading the whole Border Trilogy in a weekend. Shell collecting. Listening to bands you've never heard before. Looking at the night sky. Sewing. Letter writing. Exploring new lane-ways in the city. Ceramics. Planting a bad-ass cactus garden. Painting on old denim jackets...

It's hard to get around to all the rad things that its possible to spend time doing, but it's always worth making time. 
I've finally got it together and painted on some vintage denim jackets. This is the first... more to come soon!