Pony Gold limited-run Whiskey Visions tee, available for pre-order here.
This is for eternal enlightenment seekers. For arriving in a place you’ve never seen before. For discovery. For hastily written notes and sketches. 
This is for Pink Floyd in the midnight dark. For hand drawn temporary tattoos. For real ones. For loved ones. 
For last night’s conversations and this morning’s coffee. 
This is for beat-up boots kicking up dust. For concho hatbands, for whiskey visions, for silver and turquoise. 
For McCarthy, Faulkner, Townes and Waylon.

Pony Gold Whiskey Visions shirt is available for pre-order here (shipped February 17). 
Yay! I finally got organised and finished the artwork for another tee. I've been perfecting this one for a while, and I'm finally happy with the font size and the illustration elements of it.
It's printed on a charcoal (dark grey) slim-fit loose tee with sleeves, perfect for rolling up or cutting off or doing whatever the hell it is you like to do with your shirts.
I hope you guys love it as much as I do!
I'm not sure how many will be printed, but at the moment I'm planning on a pretty short run. And (thank god!) I'm not doing the printing this time, which makes me obscenely happy.