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So, lately...
I talked to the lovely Beth from Southset -- fellow boxer-dog mama and curator of awesome goods from around the globe -- over at Apri Blog, about where I grew up, what I do, and the ever-raging battle for the identity of my spirit animal.

If you live in Melbourne, you really probably should get down to this gig or this gig, which are my housemate Ben Whiting's last Melbourne gigs for the year. He's heading off to our homeland (the beautiful northern stretches of the NSW coast), and you won't have a chance to check out his music again until 2014... Unless you live around the Byron Bay area, then you're in luck.

I've just posted off some artwork to Costa Mesa, to be included in Element's end-of-year show (December 5). I was runner-up in the illustration category of their artist search, along side some really talented creatives... So if you're in beautiful Costa Mesa with all it's cute prickly pears and dusty-blue wide desert skies, you should head along and check it out -- and let me live vicariously!

And other than all that, I'm working on a couple of exciting new things behind the scenes... waking up way too early, appreciating my beautiful life, buying loads of new and unusual cacti and just-getting-through these last few weeks at work. 
Hope you're all well x