Instead of my usual weekly sketchbook-peek photo essays, I thought I'd do a quick little film... In the weird blue shade at my parents' farm and, damn, I wish I'd tied my hair up before I started filming the flip-through.
I'd love to do another one of these soon, but it's a bit hard when I tend to draw on crazily different-sized pages all the time (and consequently lose them)... Travelling with one A5 sketchbook made me consistent, and my work a bit more journalised.
But anyway, while I was in Vimeo uploading the above video, I watched this again for the first time in ages... I really have to do another installment of this type of video soon. I can't believe how much my style has evolved over the past year (if not my attitude -- like the 'fucker' tattoo? Maybe still harbouring some NIN influences leftover from high school).