June winter solstice

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It's nearly the winter solstice -- longer (and colder, apparently) days are their way.
As well as my boy's birthday (21st), and mine (29th).
There are some good weeks ahead. 

So also, I'm thinking about what would be the all-time best killer graphic to put on a shirt? 

I'm thinking about this mostly because, shit, if some babe in Argentina can be printing my work on shirts -- for which I am most definitely not being compensated, and about which I am at least mildly pissed -- then maybe I should be printing my work on shirts. 

So do you guys have any favourites you'd like to wear emblazoned across your collective chests?

I'm no good at decisions and I have questionable taste. But If you want me to produce a whole line of Guns 'N' Roses graphic rip-off tees, go right ahead and hold your peace. Otherwise... let me know what your bright minds are thinking.