⋙ Sunrise madness ⋘

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Somedays I wake up before dawn and forget what it was that I wanted to wake up early and get done. 
So instead, I start clipping out pictures of cacti. 
I scan some drawings I'd forgotten I created.
... And all of a sudden, I'm directing intense concentration at Photoshop -- hunched, staring, clicking, muttering -- I'm working against the clock to complete this important project before I have to leave for work, ever-conscious of the time rolling over in the top right hand corner of the screen. I'm trying to rush but also not make mistakes, and there's no plan, no foresight, no proper process... 
Orange circle? Sure, let's try it. 
Feathers? Of course!

*   *   *

Then, before I know what's happening, I'm on the train to work, listening to some weird be-suited guy across the aisle snuffle and breathe grossly, staring out the window at the graffiti, thinking: "What just happened? Why did the fun stop?".