For Inktober, I'm trying to keep up with quick ink drawings-a-day. The above were working to the prompts of: underwater, poison, crooked, sword, screech, gigantic, run, divided, swift, shy and long.

It's a nice challenge to try and work out how to make an effective illustration in the shortest possible time.


I've just joined the talented crew of illustrators and artists on the Lake Coloring app. A lot of people have asked me about producing colouring books or pages, and this is my first little foray into that area (albeit digital). 

I've personally never been too interested in colouring for fun or to relax – mostly because it's part of what I do for work! – but I really adore the way Lake works, and all the visuals involved... it's a very well executed app. Plus I get to share in the worlds of so many other illustrators, which is new and different! 

The above is a little sneak peek into my pages in process, and there's more info about Lake here. Also, I'm running a giveaway of a couple of Lake subscriptions over on my Instagram!


There's not actually a whole lot of sketchbook in this post -- mostly torn-out sheets that were scanned and digitised for commercial work and jobs... So this is really a sneak-peek at what I'm working on when my sketchbook and social media goes quiet. 

It's also an absolute celebration and worship of springtime sun in summer country. Sure beats the hell out of an extended Melbourne winter!

Also appearing on the fringes of this post is Rusty Rose bandana, available here, Ironlak markers and pens, and a little sneak into my upcoming release on Lake Coloring app, which is an incredible digital colouring app with artwork from a whole bunch of artists and illustrators from around the world!



Rusty Rose

After spending most of this year tied up in mail delays and production misfires, my Rusty Rose bandana is finally here! With my personal style being a weird mix of cowgirl-tragic and Gunners-esque late-80s-hair-metal-horror, bandanas and scarves are hugely my thing. So this little design was a complete love project, and is something I've been carrying around for a long time... Hope you love it too!

Shop the Rusty Rose bandana here. 


Super excited about the upcoming all-female Praise You exhibition in Sydney next week... my piece, Wallflower, will be hanging alongside around 30 other artworks in what is shaping up to be one hell of a girl gang exhibition. 

Event curator Lusid Art (Alex Saba) and I spoke to the good guys over at No Cure magazine about the show, you can read more here. 

Praise You will showcase works in styles from collage and illustration, to painting, and photography, all of which celebrate female bodies, art and their support of each other. Sydney friends, join us at aMBUSH gallery on Friday, September 8, for beers and visual treats! All event info here. 

Visit for more details. Donate directly to Praise You (The Butterfly Foundation) here. Catalogues featuring works included in the show can be requested by emailing


The 'graveyard' is where unused drafts or bits of projects that don't make the cut go to rest... and it's full of ideas and drawings that I kinda love, but usually forget about.

As soon as I have a spare second, I'm hoping to make a little space on my website for cuts from the graveyard.


After such a long time in the development stages, my new round of jacket back-patches are finally here. And there are two options for the new Moon Patch: decorative roses or simple stars... mostly because I'm terrible at making decisions, but also because my graphic-designer brain says one thing and my overly-embellished-illustrator mind demands that the other is better. 

But both are a limited edition of 100 of each variant, and they have this amazing metallic gold embroidery that catches the light and sparkles just like all magic should... so, check 'em out. 



I've taken such a long time to finish and release new prints, but here they are!

The Lunar Sisters (Moth and Hawk) are an open edition of A4 fine art prints that were driven by my move back to the country: days spent drawing and listening to the hawks whistle, and clear, crisp nights spent looking at the moon. 

The Killer Ladies is a limited edition (10) A3 fine art print, which pulls together the drawings of women that litter my sketchbooks. From classic Botticelli babes to full moon desert wanderers, this print celebrates the magic of women in mixing strength, power and sweetness. 


Earlier this year I teamed up with the good people at Stone & Wood to create a shirt graphic for a limited edition tee that celebrates the Galaxy hop harvest. For me, this was an extra special project – not just because I love Stone & Wood's beers and I love drawing spacey star-spangled graphics – but because Stone & Wood has such a great approach to everything from environmental impact and community involvement, to content creation and creativity... they're just the dream company to be involved with. 

The Galaxy tees are available here.