Why Brisbane Sucks:

Image from listerart.com.au
Really... It took them only two days to spot it and to get rid of it? I've been looking at the same hideous tags around my suburb--which don't get removed--for such a long time now.
I'd be psyched for a Lister piece.

OK, so it's not a big deal I guess, everyone gets buffed, but it did take him two days and was on private property, which I think is the bone of contention. The work was commissioned by the land owner, created by one of Brisbane's finest and got to with a quickness by the BCC Graffiti Reduction Unit.

Brisbane is a weird city in terms of making me think that a lot of 'enforcement' people, or people employed in sectors like the "Graffiti Reduction Unit", have a fair bit of spare time lying around, and are putting it to kind of questionable use.