Love letter to ESPO

Love Letter to Syracuse from Maarten Jacobs on Vimeo.

I remember first getting into street/urban art by way of the Stencil Revolution site, and then Wooster Collective. Wooster Collective was the first place I saw Espo's work and was totally blown away, but not quite comprehending.
Stephen 'ESPO' Powers has a clean, nostalgic sign-writer style and packs the sort of wisdom that makes you hope, selfishly, that it's your world he's commenting on.
And his "Love Letter to Syracuse"... love and wit coming together in big big big sign writing prowess is nothing short of rad. And according to Juxtapoz's site, Faythe Levine and Samuel Macon have made a short film about Syracuse, too.

But how nice it must be to drive past snippets of Love on your way home from work or the supermarket.