I'm happy for you to take my existing work in to your tattoo artist to be adapted or customised or to use as creative direction or as-is. I regard tattooing as 'personal use' of my artwork; any other reproduction or unauthorised use of my work is in breach of copyright. Similarly, if you are a tattooist, please don’t reproduce my work and add it to your flash book or try to pass it off as designs you have a right to sell to clients.

If you want to make a gesture of support, I recently set up a Tattoo Ticket listing here ($35AUD). The Tattoo Tickets also provide access to hi-res scans of artwork (if I have them on file) that are a bit clearer than what is available online. 

I am not currently working on custom/commission tattoo artwork. 


Yes, I create and licence work for commercial use such as t-shirt or promotional/merch graphics, packaging design, editorial illustration, book illustration and logo design. Unfortunately, I quite rarely take on new clients; I work for a bunch of long-term clients who keep me pretty busy. Additionally, we welcomed our son Leuca Wren into the world this past May, so will be adjusting to that big life change for most of 2019.

Please contact if you would like to discuss availability and rates – and apologies in advance, I can take a while to reply as I’m juggling a somewhat haphazard one-woman show.


I completed a Bachelor of Journalism at the University of Queensland, and worked as a journalist for approximately six years before moving into marketing and graphic design, then onto full time graphic design and illustration. Throughout university and during my years working as a journalist, I worked my ass off in my spare time practicing illustration and developing my style… from that, commercial jobs started to arise, and I was able to move to part-time markerting/graphic design work, and finally onto full-time freelancing. During that time, I also took a three-month intensive graphic design course on scholarship to Shillington College in Melbourne.